Thermography is the science of collecting and interpreting infrared images. A thermal imaging camera (TIC) forms an infrared image by measuring the amount of infrared light (portion of light that contains heat) at each pixel. The images can then be used to visually document water damaged structures, to perform mechanical/electrical inspections, and to assess home performance.


The TIC used by ZWS has thermographic (image) and radiometric (temperature) capabilities. This enables the camera to record images that contain temperature measurements, which allows for long term evaluation of mechanical equipment and electrical components.  Click on the links below for additional information:


Home Performance

Water Damage Structures

Mechanical Electrical Inspections


Interpreting Thermal Imaging Pictures


ZWS overlays thermal imaging pictures onto digital pictures to more clearly depict the problem areas. If an area of the picture is a shade of blue, that section is cooler than the surrounding areas. If an area of the picture is a shade of red, that section is warmer than the surrounding areas.

In a water damaged structure, areas of elevated moisture are usually cooler than the surrounding dry material due to evaporative cooling. As water evaporates from the surface, the material is naturally cooled due to the phase change (liquid to gas) of water.


Example Picture (Water Damage) Below:

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