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ZWS provides a third party consulting service for general contractors whose buildings have suffered water damage. ZWS does not perform the structural drying itself; instead, our professionals ensure that the building is dried correctly and in a timely manner. Prompt drying is essential for preventing structural damage and mold growth. When ZWS is on the project, you have a leading professional with your best interests in mind. ZWS provides third party verification at a fraction of the structural drying cost by using time saving technology (such as thermal imaging cameras) to locate areas of elevated moisture.

If mold growth is found, ZWS is able to reduce your liability by providing testing and proper documentation throughout the process. Extremist views on mold are not taken by our Indoor Environmental Professionals.

When should you contact ZWS?

A building has suffered water damage that requires structural drying

Substantial mold growth is found within a building

Training for your employees or contractors is needed

Water Damage


ZWS monitors the job site from the initial water loss, until the property has been returned to a pre-loss condition. Along the way, ZWS will use thermal imaging and moisture meters to determine:

Ä  Areas affected by the initial water loss
Ä  Placement of drying equipment
Ä  Removal of building materials (if necessary)

Ä  Completion of drying process


In accordance with the IICRC S500 – Standard and Reference Guild for Professional Water Damage Restoration, water losses are categorized as Clean Water, Gray Water, or Black Water. The source of the water, temperature of the surroundings, and time passed will determine how the affected areas are treated and dried.

Thermography Pictures

To document affected areas, ZWS overlays thermal imaging pictures onto digital pictures. This process clearly differentiates the affected areas from the unaffected areas, and speeds up the drying processes by allowing exact placement of drying equipment.

Thermal Imaging

Naturally, a building that suffers a major water loss will have sections highly affected, and sections that are only slightly affected. ZWS will determine when the slightly affected areas are dry so that equipment can be either removed from the site (lower equipment costs), or relocated to the highly affected areas (speed up drying process). This is important because some drying companies will leave all their equipment in place until the entire structure is dry. Some sections of the building may be dry for days, but still having drying equipment in place. Obviously, this increases your equipment rental fees.

When dealing with a major water loss, the general contractor’s main concern is their liability. ZWS will reduce your liability by documenting that the affected areas were properly dried, and that mold growth is not a concern.

Mold Growth

Mold growth can occur when a building has a source of excess moisture, either from an indoor or outdoor source. A general contractor should address the following question when dealing with a potential mold problem.

Ä  Cause of mold growth?
Ä  Amount of mold growth (visible & hidden)?
Ä  Type of mold growth?

Ä  Has the Indoor Air Quality been negatively affected?


Another major issue for general contractors is the function of the building. Building such as hospitals and retirement homes must be dealt with very carefully due to the fact that the building occupants may have compromised immune systems. Individuals in this category are more susceptible to mold infections, which can be life threatening in extreme cases.

New Construction vs. Renovation

The steps to remediate mold growth differ depending on the type of construction (new vs. renovation) and the project’s stage of completion (open system vs. closed system). ZWS will provide a specific ‘scope-of-work’ documenting the steps needed to return the property to a pre-loss condition.


Training your project managers and staff is the most cost effective way to avoid the liability that comes with water damaged structures and mold growth. ZWS has provided training and seminars for builders, home inspectors, real estate agents, and insurance companies throughout Wisconsin. Training seminars will be specifically written for your needs, and given in a Power Point format. Informational binders will be provided for all who attend.

Training topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Ä  Water Restoration
Ä  Equipment
Ä  Safety
Ä  Psychrometry
Ä  Drying Procedures
Ä  Mold Prevention
Ä  Protecting Liability
Ä  Mold & Indoor Air Quality
Ä  Equipment
Ä  Safety (Personal Protective Equipment [PPE])
Ä  Potential Health Effects
Ä  Mold Prevention
Ä  Mold Remediation
Ä  Protecting Liability
Ä  Thermography
Ä  Equipment
Ä  Principles of Thermography
Ä  Poorly Understood Concepts (Masking, Emissivity, etc)
Ä  Moisture Assessments

Ä  Mechanical & Electrical Investigation


If you have any questions about training seminars, please contact ZWS Environmental Services, Inc.

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