ZWS uses state of the art equipment, such as Thermal Imaging Cameras, to assist us during IAQ and water damage assessments. Thermal Imaging Cameras aid in finding sources of moisture, which is a primary cause of mold growth and structural deterioration. This technology decreases the amount of time necessary for assessments, and allows us to take fewer IAQ tests, which saves our client’s money.  Some degree of airborne mold spores can be found in nearly every environment, and most environments will never be completely free of mold. These concepts must be taken into consideration during IAQ testing and analysis.

Fluke Ti300 Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Cameras are the latest innovation in environmental assessments.  The use of thermal imaging can help find areas of elevated moisture by examining temperature differentials.  With moisture comes potential mold growth and structural deterioration.


The Fluke Ti300 infrared camera is equipped with LaserSharp™ AutoFocus for perfectly focused images.  Focus is the single most important thing to ensure when conducting an infrared inspection. Without an in-focus image temperature measurements may not be accurate, sometimes by as much as 20 degrees, so it's much easier to miss a problem. LaserSharp auto focus tells you exactly where you are focusing. It uses a laser to calculate the distance to your target before it focuses. Place the red laser dot on the equipment you are inspecting, then pull and release the trigger for a perfect in-focus image.  This equipment not only saves time, but saves our client’s money!



Hygrometers are used to collect several different readings including, temperature, dew point, relative humidity, etc.  These readings are used by water/mold restoration companies, and are essential for conducting our thermal imaging scans.

Moisture Meters

Moisture meters are an essential part of every mold assessment and water damage assessment because moisture is a primary cause of mold growth and structural deterioration.

A quality IEP should use several types of moisture meters while conducting an environmental assessment.  ZWS’s IEPs are equipped with the following meters:

Delmhorst ® - penetrating moisture meters*

Tramex ® - Moisture Encounter - non-penetrating moisture meters

Tramex ® - concrete moisture meters.

*Penetrating moisture meters do leave behind small pin size holes when a reading is taken.

Laser Particle Counters

Laser particle counters measure the amount of particulates in the air.  These devices are useful for comparing airborne particulates on a room by room basis.  These comparisons can provide information on the location of possible problem areas.


A borescope is device that consists of a fiber optic cable and an eyepiece.  The borescope allows us to cut a small hole in a wall, insert the fiber optic cable, and examine the inside of the wall cavity.


IQ-610 AdvanceSense® Indoor Air Quality Probe

The IQ-610 is an Indoor Air Quality Meter unlike any other.  The IQ-610 is highly accurate, extremely fast, and perfect for any project, big or small.  The IQ-610 can detect CO2, CO, and Volitale Organic Compounds (VOCs).  Unlike other IAQ meters, the IQ-610 can track VOCs over time, or rapidly bloodhound (seek out) VOC sources or determine optimum locations and times to take air samples for VOC speciaition using lab analysis, giving you the most accurate results quickly.

TelAire “Blaq Box 1380B”

The TelAire monitors indoor air quality over an extended period of time, and can provide real time readings of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, relative humidity, and carbon monoxide (CO).  The data is then graphed to find possible problem times.


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